Milarepa Center is a Tibetan Buddhist retreat center in the Gelugpa tradition. We host a variety of programs encompassing compassionate and wise practice through study, meditation, and service.


Pancake Breakfast and
Open House at Milarepa Center
100% of proceeds will be donated to
disaster relief efforts in Nepal

Saturday, May 30, 2015
9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Join us for pancakes, Vermont Maple Syrup, fruit salad and good company!
Enjoy delicious food, beautiful scenery, and know you're supporting a good cause.
We will have gluten free and vegan pancake options too!

100% of all donations received will go directly to rebuilding Yilajung, the villiage in Nepal that our local Sherpa families come from.

This benefit breakfast is by FREE WILL DONATION!

On April 25 an earthquake of 7.8 struck Nepal, 50 miles NW of the capital, Katmandu. So far, the death toll has exceeded 3,300. This earthquake was 22 times more powerful than the 7.0 quake that devastated Haiti in 2010. Nepal is a third-world country and many people and animals are suffering from the aftermath. Not only are homes, businesses, and resources destroyed, many ancient and historic buildings and structures have collapsed and suffered damage.

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What Is Meditation?

Milarepa Center fosters a safe and peaceful environment encouraging rich contemplative practice. We offer instruction in both concentration and guided meditations that help participants cultivate mindfulness and thus a happier life.



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Practice Schedule

Each month there are days set aside in the Tibetan calendar which are auspicious for specific practices. It's very helpful for Milarepa Center and its community to do these practices whenever possible. We invite you to join us for the various rituals or pujas we have scheduled.


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Job Opportunities at Milarepa Center

Spiritual Program Coordinator
Cook & Kitchen Manager

Facilities & Land Manager


It is entirely due to your kindness that our Center flourishes. Here’s a glimpse of our new altar, the latest addition to Milarepa’s development. Thank you all for your heartfelt generosity and kind service.

Get Involved

Offering service is a wonderful way to create the cause for your spiritual practice to flourish. Milarepa Center has many opportunities for you to get involved and many can be done from your home.

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