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Friends of Milarepa Membership Program
Milarepa Center provides a special place for your spiritual development and practice. Annual or monthly giving options generate a steady stream of support for the Center to flourish.  By becoming a Friend of Milarepa through our membership program, you can provide the consistent resources needed to keep the Center functioning.

When you become a Friend of Milarepa, you help provide a dependable income to cover our core operating expenses, such as facility maintenance, general course and retreat provisions, public liability and other insurances, offerings to teachers, staff stipends and taxes, utility costs, and other general expenses.

Becoming a Friend of Milarepa is different than offering suggested donations for courses and retreats, registration fees, and fundraising donations, as it gives Milarepa Center consistent revenue to host an active, inspirational program of events. It is these programs that will guide us to developing a most beneficial retreat center and a place of refuge for all. Please help up realize these dreams by becoming a Friend of Milarepa today!

The “names” of our Friendship levels reflect the Eight Auspicious Signs.
Learn below about your special Sign!

Friend Levels


White Conch

White Conch Individual:
$15/month or Family: $25/month


You help spread the Buddha Dharma. You awaken beings from a deep slumber of ignorance, urging them to benefit others, with your deep, far-reaching and melodious sound. Discount for Programs: 10%


Golden Fishes

Golden Fishes Individual:
$60/month or Family: $90/month


You signify fearlessness and happiness in the seas of samsara. You show what true freedom is by knowing the Buddha’s teachings and help others to see the same. Discount for Programs: 30%


Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower Individual:
$150/month or Family: $225/month


You are the complete purification of the negativities of the body, speech and mind, and the full blossoming of wholesome deeds in blissful liberation. Discount for Programs: 70%


Precious Parasol

Precious Parasol Individual: $20/month or Family: $30/month


You save us from all of this life’s and next life’s obstacles and give joy of a cooling shadow of peace and happiness. Discount for Programs: 15%


Treasure Vase

Treasure Vase Individual:
$80/month or Family: $120/month


You are a sign of the inexhaustible riches available in the Buddhist teachings. You signify an endless rain of long life, wealth and prosperity and all the benefits of this world and liberation. Discount for Programs: 50%


Dharma Wheel

Dharma Wheel Individual: $200/month or Family: $300/month


You symbolize the greatness of the turning of the wheel of the precious Buddha’s teachings and realizations. Others experience the joy of wholesome deeds and liberation because of you. Discount for Programs: 100%


Victory Banner

Victory Banner Individual: $40/month or Family: $70/month


You are the victory of the Buddha’s teachings over death, ignorance, disharmony. You symbolizes the victory of Buddhist doctrine over all the negativities of this world. Discount for Programs: 20%


Endess Knot

Endless Knot Individual: $100/month or Family: $150/month


You represent the true nature of reality of interdependence, karma, and cause and effect. This is the infinite wisdom of the Buddha, and the union of compassion and wisdom. Discount for Programs: 60%

Become a Friend of Milarpa.

Choose your level of support then choose your monthly payment on Paypal.

Family Membership

Individual Membership

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