Milarepa Center offers simple sleeping accommodations for larger group retreats in Vermont. 


Our co-ed dorm consists of 14 beds surrounded by privacy curtains, along with pillows, sheets, and blankets. We recommend bringing along a small overnight bag with earplugs, a headlamp for reading, and personal toiletries. Some guests find a sleeping bag, their own pillow, and a sleeping pad provide additional comfort. 

When our private cabins are not in use for private retreat, guests attending a group retreat may reserve a cabin for an additional charge on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please call our office to check availability.  

There are 2 bathrooms, 1 shower room, and 2 seasonal outdoor showers available in the common area of the center. Hot water for tea and light snacks are available in the main dining room. A small bookstore, a wonderful and extensive library, and a quiet contemplation room can be found on the first level.     



During your stay at Milarepa Center we ask that you observe the Five Precepts:

  • no harming living things (bugs, etc),

  • no intoxicants (alcohol, smoking),

  • no sexual misconduct,

  • no lying or gossip

  • no taking what is not given/offered

We kindly ask those staying in the dorm to refrain from wearing any perfume or cologne, using scented lotions/body sprays, or using your cellphone inside of the dorm.


To respect everyone’s practice and retreat space, it is best to keep conversations at a minimum while in the dorm. 

Shantideva Shannon.JPG

Meet Shannon

*For those with allergies, please be aware that Milarepa Center has a cat, Shannon, who lives here at the center. Shannon is not allowed in the dorms or meditation space, however, she is an indoor cat. We kindly ask that no other animals be brought inside the house.