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Visiting Milarepa Center in Barnet, VT

We love having visitors at Milarepa Center! Out of respect for our daily practices and work hours, as well as those in private retreat at Milarepa Center, we kindly ask you to please call or email to schedule a visit; we kindly discourage drop-in visits so as not to disturb the private retreat environment.

The land and the stupa are available for visiting during regular business hours, however, please note that we are actively hosting private retreaters at the center and ask that all visitors to the land please respect retreat boundaries and avoid areas that are marked as such when visiting.

Please do not drop off or mail dharma materials unless we have made arrangements with you for this. We do not have much room for storage and it becomes costly for us to properly dispose of others' dharma materials. 


Thank you.

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Milarepa Center   

1344 U.S. Route 5 South, Barnet, Vermont 05821

(802) 633-4136

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