Friday, Sept. 24th, 2021

7:30 - 9 PM EDT 


Chapter 6: Patience - Shantideva's Bodhicharyavatara w/Geshe Sherab

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This past year has been challenging and has been an incredible test and teacher of patience. In "A Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life", Shantideva presents methods to harmonize one's life with the Bodhisattva ideal and offers profound insight into cultivating the perfections of the Bodhisattva: generosity, ethics, patience, zeal, meditative concentration, and wisdom.


Join us on Zoom as we take an in-depth look at Chapter 6: Patience from Shantideva's Bodhicharyavatara. Geshe Sherab will guide us through the stanzas and offer explanations and clarity so that we are better able to practice patience during these very challenging times and be able to extinguish the fire of anger.

Monthly on Full Moon dates

Monthly Medicine Buddha Practice


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Join us on the full moon each month on Zoom for a Medicine Buddha practice! Medicine Buddha practice is particularly helpful for those who may be sick, injured, dying and/or have passed, or are suffering in any way, including beings in the animal realm. Join us as we offer this practice and dedicate it to both the temporal and ultimate happiness of all sentient beings everywhere!


We will also include the special prayer, "Liberating Sakya from Disease" by Thangton Gyalpo, to continue to help protect all beings from Covid-19.


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